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a place for ontd members to obsess over the TV series Pretty Little Liars

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WELCOME. Wondering if you came to the right place? Of course you did. It's all about our girls from Rosewood, the town with the highest concentration of creepy people in America. Looking for other fans? They're here. Here we can all share our love for this show(and books). You made PLL icons? Post them here. Need to express your love for your favorite character? Make a post.Want to discuss the new episode with other fans? You can do that here. Graphics, fanfics, discussions, news; everything PLL, this is the place. Make posts, comment, make new friends.


Membership is moderated, along with the posts, to keep this community clean
Don't be lazy when posting. If it's news, check the tags to see if it's been posted. Always tag properly and don't forget to use an lj-cut. Huge gifs/images, videos, and spoilers should be put behind a cut.
We encourage healthy discussions, but if you go out of line, you'll get banned faster than you can say Toby Cavanaugh.
If you're the OP, please don't delete or freeze comments. If something is wrong, contact a mod so they can handle it.
This community is still an infant, as we grow bigger more rules will be implemented.



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