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20 June 2016 @ 08:55 pm

Pretty Little Liars‘ seventh — and potentially final — season is going by many names: “The season of homecomings,” “the most romantic season yet” and even “the season with the highest body count.” And they’re all accurate.

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"Pretty Little Liars" returns Tuesday (June 21) with the Season 7 premiere, titled "Tick-Tock, Bitches." It's a show known for its long-running mysteries, but show creator Marlene King tells Zap2it that fans can look forward to the resolution of some hanging plotlines early on in the season.

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6x15 - Do Not Disturb
"Get Up" by Bess Rogers
"Carry You" by Phillip LaRue
"Oh, These Monsters" by Spelles
"Two Shots" by Eric Reitz
"Talking Box" by Ryan Tennison
"Nuclear" by Nik Ammar
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6x16 - Where Somebody Waits For Me
"More Than You" by Class Actress
"Ready or Not" by Myzica
"Run You Down" by Ali Barter
"Ada" by JMSN
"Helpless" by Peter Charles
"Can't Switch Off" by Wyles & Simpson
"Always" by Panama
"Breathe You Out" by KaneHoller
"Whistle While You Work" by Adriana Caselotti

6x17 - We've All Got Baggage
"Take Me Back" by In The Valley Below
"Hold On to Me" by The Cold and Lovely
"I Can't Thank You Enough" by Matthew Perryman Jones
"Perfect Match" by Our Lives
"Follow You" by Pretty Hectic
"Here We Go Again" by Stacy K. Black
"All The King's Men" by The Rigs

6x18 - Burn This
"Revolution" by The Palms
"Heartbeat" by JJAMZ
"You Are Mine (feat. Holley Maher)" by Secret Nation
"Lighthouse" by Lion-s
"Gonna Scream" by Bosshouse
"Burn Me" by Bosshouse
"Dangerous" by Lexy Panterra
"In The Dark" by Riskee
"Love Again" by Rae Morris
"Immunity" by Uriah
"Feel (feat. John Gibbons, Scimon Tist & Mark Le Sal)" by DJ Mog
"Open Heart (feat. Lissie)" by Morgan Page
"All The King's Men" by The Rigs

6x19 - Did You Miss Me?
"Granted" by My Brothers and I
"Private Party" by Dungeoneese
"Sum of Love" by Jee Day
"Call Me" by Nikka Costa

6x20 - Hush Hush, Sweet Liars
"Bittersweet" by Archis
"Fur Elise" By Ludwig Van Beethoven
"Wrong Victory" by MS MR
"When I Open My Eyes" by Kandace Lindsey
"Find My Bones" by Fleurie
"Wanted" by Nick D & the Believers
"Home" by Rhodes
"Let's Work Together" by Rhodes

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06 February 2016 @ 08:46 am

6x11 - Of Late I Think of Rosewood
"There's a Ghost" by Fleurie
"Got This Feeling" by Heather Russell
"All You Left Behind" by Correatown
"Faux" by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett
"Dark Runs Out" by Amy Stroup
"Oh Youth!" by Death in the Afternoon
"Crazy" by Patsy Cline
"Strange Feeling (Bonus Track)" by Panama

6x12 - Charlotte's Web
"Slow Motion" by The Fauve
"I Found" by Amber Run
"Famous" by Spencer Thompson
"Those People" by Spencer Thompson
"Beautiful Day" by Imaginary Future
"Under the Shadows" by Rae Morris
"Bashed Out" by This is the Kit

6x13 - The Gloves Are On
"Inside Out" by AG & Brad Gordon
"Physical" by Olivia Newton-John
"Ring of Fire" by Lera Lynn

6x14 - New Guys, New Lies
"This Feeling" by Alabama Shakes
"Waves" by Blondfire
"Your Magazines" by Brain Tan
"Neverminders" by The Valley Below
"Can't Stop Me Now" by Jules Larson
"Wave" by Danger Twins
"Who We Are" by Golden Coast
"Hollywood" by Nik Ammar & Maria Altschuler

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The "Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward" special was illuminating indeed, giving fans more answers than they're used to from an episode of "PLL." It also seemed helpful to the actors, getting to talk about what their characters have been through that happened off-screen. As Ian Harding says, "We have this thing of filling in all that we have not experienced."

And boy, was there a lot happening in those five years. Let's get to unpacking the special with the five biggest things fans learned about the Season 6 time jump.

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12 August 2015 @ 03:32 pm

6x09 - Last Dance
"Morning Joy" by Sugar & The Hi Lows
"Terrible Thing" by AG & Brad Gordon
"Burning Like Fire" by Claire Guerreso
"Lost" by RICTOR
"The Fold" by Ivan & Alyosha
"Disturbia" by Rihanna
"Midnight Movies" by Saint Motel
"My Type" by Saint Motel
"Holy Dove" by Civil Twilight
"Funn" by Cash+David
"Nothing Without Love" by Nate Ruess
"Calling Me" by Aquilo
"Blissful Ignorance" by Ourlives
"Scream It Loud" by Vassy
"Ooo My My My" by Mary Jane Fonda
"Watch Out, Here I Come" by MoZella
"Hunted" by Ag + Silver
"Pretty" by AG & Brad Gordon

6x10 - Game Over, Charles
"How Does It Feel?" by Ms Mr
"Sisters (feat. Vanessa Ray)" by Pretty Little Liars Cast
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10 August 2015 @ 02:33 pm
Since the long awaited A revel is just around the corner. I thought it would be fun to put together a poll to see what people guesses are. So I put together a list of the most "reasonable" suspects... Feel free to explain your guess in the comments :)

Poll #2019239 WHO IS UBER A?

Who do you think is Uber A???

Mr. Fitz
Someone not mentioned on this list
No one, this is just another cop-out, and I wasted 5 years on this show just for this!
30 July 2015 @ 02:35 pm

The answer-filled “Pretty Little Liars” Season 6 summer finale is almost here, “PLL” fans. To whet your appetite for the big day, ABC Family has released a series of photos from the episode, titled “Game Over, Charles.”

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