Our Lady of Perpetual Virginity (francesbcobain) wrote in ontdpll,
Our Lady of Perpetual Virginity

Music for 6x09 & 6x10

6x09 - Last Dance
"Morning Joy" by Sugar & The Hi Lows
"Terrible Thing" by AG & Brad Gordon
"Burning Like Fire" by Claire Guerreso
"Lost" by RICTOR
"The Fold" by Ivan & Alyosha
"Disturbia" by Rihanna
"Midnight Movies" by Saint Motel
"My Type" by Saint Motel
"Holy Dove" by Civil Twilight
"Funn" by Cash+David
"Nothing Without Love" by Nate Ruess
"Calling Me" by Aquilo
"Blissful Ignorance" by Ourlives
"Scream It Loud" by Vassy
"Ooo My My My" by Mary Jane Fonda
"Watch Out, Here I Come" by MoZella
"Hunted" by Ag + Silver
"Pretty" by AG & Brad Gordon

6x10 - Game Over, Charles
"How Does It Feel?" by Ms Mr
"Sisters (feat. Vanessa Ray)" by Pretty Little Liars Cast
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